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Blacklight: Retribution (PC)

This latest release from Zombie is not something that you have not experienced before nor has it tried something that is hitherto unexplored. The makers of the game have not experimented much –rather they have ventured on the much tired and tested path, only adding bits and pieces to the first person shooter and that has created a world of difference in terms of visual effects which are no less than stunning and leaving a mark which is nothing short of pragmatic. On playing the game, one thing gets clear – that the makers kept their feet on the ground and was wise enough throughout to retain the essence of first person shooter. And this has resulted in something amazing! An outstanding first person shooter with some value-addition! Yes, that’s the most plausible term to describe the game.

However, having said that, I must justify my words. The characters are customizable and that means you can alter their appearance, change their weaponry and arsenal, increase their vigor and give a more blood thirsty and robust look if you may wish so. However, all these are mere tips of the icebergs. The real fun of the game lies elsewhere. It’s the new weapon system that snatches the limelight from others. The assault rifles or shotguns start the game for you while the addition of sophisticated weapons help you to gain more stamina, running speed and health to survive further in the game.

If you are looking to find solace in single player campaign, you will be disappointed. Here, you have the option of setting up an account and that will unfurl a whole new range of modes, each of which takes you to new scenarios where bloodbath and violence reigns. Some cutting edge controls make the modes all the more engrossing and take you right in the middle of the proceedings with all the pitched battle and mayhem that takes place around you. It’s for you to come out of that – unscathed and unperturbed – that’s the challenge.

We like:

  • The excellent controls
  • The new range of weapons
  • The mode
  • The visual and sound effects
  • The customization of characters

We hate:

  • No extra visual parameter added

Official Website of the game: https://register.perfectworld.com/bl_splash

Reviewed by surojitsingh on 20 April 2012

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